Commercial Property RTT

Commercial Property Renewable Tech Transformation

The Renewable Technology Transformation program (RTT) will utilize commercial real estate and or businesses to create new clean tech jobs and implement renewable tech community awareness programs.  The renewable tech facilities is a JV silent partner opportunity at a 40% profit share After All Expenses. The commercial sites will be transformed into a income producing renewable tech facility.

  • eMpasys will be responsible for the commercial site renewable tech transformation, Manufacturing and or distribution implementation, renewable tech installation, energy efficiency management and the daily business management operation of the renewable tech facility.

  • The JV Partner will have the option to manage the commercial income producing RTT facility after the transformation.

  • The JV partner will receive JV profit share every 40 days or every 2 months,this is optional.

We are interested in developing JV partnerships with Silent Capital Investors, Commercial property owners and businesses owners.

Renewable Tech Economic Development Strategy;

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