Carbon Offsets

We assist our members and clients with carbon credits, carbon offsets projects and bridge loan funding.

In order to assess the quality of carbon offsets and credits it is helpful to understand the typical process used to create them. Before any GHG reductions can be certified for use as carbon offsets, they must be shown to meet carbon offset quality criteria.

This requires a methodology or protocol that is specific to the type of offset project involved. An offset project is designed by project developers, financed by investors, validated by an independent verifier, and registered with a carbon offset program.

Carbon offsets are investments in environmental projects that reduce carbon emissions elsewhere to compensate for your carbon footprint. Carbon credits are tradable certificates or permits that set a maximum level of carbon emissions for industries, companies, or countries.

A commonly used purchasing option is to contract directly with a project developer for delivery of carbon offset credits as they are issued. These contracts provide project developers with a level of certainty about the volume of offset credits they can sell. Buyers are able to lock in a price for offset credits that is typically lower than market prices.

Once a project is started, it is monitored and periodically verified to determine the quantity of emission reductions it has generated. The length of time between verification can vary, but is typically one year. A carbon offset program approves verification reports, and then issues the appropriate number of carbon offset credits.

That global potential for action is a big reason that carbon offsets are such a valuable tool to address climate change. Carbon offsets range in size from a couple tons that an individual can purchase to  megatons that national governments buy to meet their own targets.

We can provide solution for carbon credit purchasing, carbon credit offset usage and project development utilizing future carbon credits.

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