Bi-Direct Inver-Conver ESS

The Bi-Directional Inverter / Converter ESS is one of the most advanced DC to AC and AC to DC conversion systems in the world. It’s a great solution for  Hybrid renewable energy projects. Our Energy Storage Inverters main advantages are; high quality sine wave, microcomputer control, stable, multiple power configuration no noise and designed for commercial applications. The system is suitable for On and off grid renewable energy storage projects. The Energy Storage Inverters output waveform is pure AC sine wave suitable for  industrial applications.

The intelligent zero emission energy storage Bi-directional converter/inverter, works with various power resources.  It will convert/invert and store power with its internal advance energy storage design.

OnSite industrial ESS Inverter/converter system 50KWh 100KWh 150KWh and up

Technical Features:

︱Safe and reliable︱

❀High quality internal power cells

❀Laser welding connection with high strength and low impedance

❀Cells is designed with PC holders and reinforce steel structure to guarantee the highest safety of the system in transportation, installation and operation

❀Damping pad design to improve the impact resistance of the system

❀IP54,safe and reliable operation in outdoor environment

❀Serially designed PCS and battery pack, eliminates circulating current and improve system reliability.

❀Integrated BMS, DC, AC multi-layer protection, maximum safety performance design

︱Efficient and Convenient︱

❀Integrated system, standard modular power module and battery module, easy installation, maintenance and capacity expansion

❀ Can work with Solar PV and DC Generator at the same time with intelligent multi-energy management.

❀Cn be used as a Fixed or mobile application system.

❀Multi systems could be connected in parallel

︱Cost optimization > One investment, multiple benefits:

❀ can be used for Peak shaving, backup power supply, micro-grid building, power quality improving and energy storage, etc.

❀Small size, light weight, less space and lower installation cost

❀Long cycle life, low failure rate, reduce operation and maintenance investment

❀Maximize zero energy emission as a green energy solution.

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