Intelligent Metering


We provide on and off Grid Wireless and Wired Metering Solution for  worldwide Commercial and Non-Commercial projects.

• Monitor anything from a single piece of equipment to an entire building without power interruption.

• Meters can be read manually or interfaced for automatic meter reading for tenant billing, energy management and cost allocation based on actual usage, not estimates or square foot basis.

• Compact meters are available in optional outdoor enclosures and space-saving Multiple Meter Unit (MMU) cabinets containing up to 24 meters in a compact enclosure. No CT cabinets required.

• Meters can interface with existing building automation systems via several industry standard communication protocols including EZ7, BACnet, Modbus and/or LonWorks.

Wireless Base Station

The Wireless base station includes the wireless software, the wireless data collector (WDC), a dedicated PC and field start-up service. (One required per system.)

Wireless Data Collector (WDC)

The Wireless data collector (WDC) is a reliable, fully bi-directional gateway between the Internet/backbone network and the wireless mesh network. It can support multiple meter types on the same network. The WDC provides simple remote configuration of the wireless devices and accurately transmits the energy data via Ethernet from the wireless network to the Energy software for billing & analysis.

Web-Enabled Energy Monitoring

• Provides users with one-page snapshots of historical and real-time energy usage data accessible via any standard web-browser. Easy-to-read energy dashboards include kWh, kW demand as well as carbon footprints of estimated CO2, NOx, SO2 and other parameters.

• The ability to manage energy consumption is just a click away. Energy data is displayed for various time periods including today, last 7 days, last 30 days and last 365 days.

• Advanced meter functions can be displayed real-time for kW load, Volts & Amps by Phase, Power Factor and more!

• User friendly, password protected web user interface allows users to view live energy data, charts and graphs via any standard web browser.

Energy Wireless Metering

Meter has built-in wireless transceiver for in-building remote meter data collection and can interface with wireless data collectors to automatically compile data in PC-based Energy software.

• Meters with built-in wireless transceivers can be mounted inside buildings within approximately 500 feet line-of-sight from each other and up to approximately 200 feet through walls, depending on wall material.

• Meter can be used on 2-Phase, 3-Wire configurations.

• Wireless mesh network operates in the 915 MHz license-free band. No cellular wireless service contracts are required.

• Fully self-configuring wireless mesh network allows for easy installation and configuration with no network management required.

• FCC certifi ed not to interfere with existing infrastructure.

• Meets national accuracy standards of ANSI C12.1 & C12.16.

• UL Listed.

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