Decentralize Distributed Power

The advancement in technology like power electronics, power cells, fuel cells, energy storage and renewable technology designs are shifting centralize electrical power plants to Decentralize Distributed Power (Micro-Grids).  Renewable Technology solutions and new regulations has changed the thinking toward moving electrical power resources closer to the end user. Electrical power production that is close to the end user is commonly referred to as distributed generation power. Today it is economical to generate some or all of the electricity on or near the load sites. Decarbonizing USA commercial businesses with OnSite zero emission renewable power technology. 

OnSite Power Production (DDP) A Renewable Tech Solutions

Onsite Decentralize Distributed Power system reduces the loss of electrical energy, because it does not utilizing miles of wired transmission lines. Non-Wired electricity is generated onsite where it is used.  The Onsite Micro –Grid overall power requirements are also reduces because there are fewer distribution power lines. The transition to OnSite power production with fewer transmission power lines will offer a safer and economical advantage over Centralized Power Plants.

Decentralize Distributed Power systems value propositions are; improvements in financial risk, engineering flexibility, security, and environmental qualities.

Centralize Power Plants

A Centralize power plant transmit electricity long distances over transmission lines and negatively affect the environment. Transmission lines can cause wildfires and storms can snap lines, subsequent causing power black outs for utility customers. Also centralize power plants are more susceptible to cyber-attacks and as energy demand continues to increase the centralized power plant will experience unsustainable strain. This strain leaves us vulnerable to electricity shortages, rolling blackouts and electricity quality issues. Making matters worse, a large number of the centralized power plants are inefficient and “dirty” – squandering precious natural resources. 

Historically, centralize power plants have been an integral part of the electrical grid, in which large generating facilities are specifically located far from populated load centers. They, supply traditional transmission and distribution (T&D) grid which distributes bulk power to load centers and from there to consumers. These were developed when the costs of transporting fuel and integrating generating technologies into populated areas far exceeded the cost of developing T&D facilities and tariffs.

Distributed Power System (DDPs)

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