Advanced Manufacturing

Accelerating new product development at every stage…


We provide premier custom manufacturing services, leveraging additive manufacturing capabilities tightly integrated with traditional manufacturing processes. Our proprietary computing technology   can produce parts faster and less expensively. From rapid prototyping to production, we has an innovative solution. We build custom designed end-use parts in dense metal alloys within hours of receiving your order. Our high powered laser sintering systems fuse powdered metal at 20µm layers replacing the need for expensive multi-axis machining. Our mission is to provide you with the easiest and fastest way to obtain production parts based on your 3D CAD design.


Direct Metal Laser Scintering (DMLS) is an additive process ideal for geometries that cannot be built with traditional technologies. With no tooling required, DMLS is perfect for low-volume and pilot production runs


Our PolyJet technology creates advanced rapid prototypes with a high degree of precision, speed and efficiency. The technology supports a wide variety of build materials, ranging from engineering plastics to bio-compatible photopolymers. With our solution complex prototypes can take as little as 1 business day.


With our CNC machining process, parts can be created in a fraction of the time it would take using your traditional suppliers. Our subtractive manufacturing process combines the latest conventional and high speed machining equipment with advanced automation to deliver high precision parts, built with production grade material in less than 5 days.


This is the quickest and easiest way for you to buy injection molded parts for prototyping, initial runs, and low-volume production. Our process turns your 3D CAD model into fully functional injection molded parts in days rather than weeks. We use all commercially available resins and no part is too big or too small.

This is the quickest and easiest way for you to create injection molded parts for prototyping, initial runs and low-volume production. Using all commercially available resins, no part is too big, too small or too complicated.

Mfg. Sub-assembly solutions (CBU, CKD, SKD, CKS)

eMpasys descriptions of the various forms of Mfg. Sub-assembly  solutions:

Ø  CBU > “(Completely Built Up) Working” finished product

Ø  SKD > (Semi Knocked Down) Working” finished product, knocked down into a very limited number of parts.

Ø  CKD > (Completely Knocked Down) Knocked down product with a value higher than or equal to 40% of the equivalent CBU;

Ø  CKS > Knocked down product a value below 40% of equivalent CBU;

eMpasys offers products and services in response to a clear order request from our members and clients;  whoever order a customized product or solution also will need renewable technological assistances and sometimes financial support.

We transform the supply of products and services into orders from end members or clients and  eMpasys, Distributor, Sub Manufacture or O.E.M., guaranty support and assistance throughout the product’s life cycle.

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