eMpasys Sustainability

(eMpasys) – Energy Management Power Access System

(eMpasys) is a hardware system with computer aided software used to operate, monitor, control, optimize performance and or provide energy power efficiency. The integration of monitoring, control, energy storage, and power delivery functions are often referred to as advanced technology solutions. The computer technology functions are also referred to as SCADA/EMS or EMS/SCADA. In these respects, the terminology EMS then excludes the monitoring, control, energy storage, and power functions, but more specifically refers to the collective suite of power network applications and to the generation control and optimizing. Up to the early 1990s, it was common to find EMS systems being delivered based on proprietary hardware and operating systems. As proprietary systems became uneconomical, EMS suppliers began to deliver solutions based on industry standard hardware platforms.

The environment and society is undergoing a rapid transformation due to climate change. These changes also impact the development of various companies and motivate them to move towards sustainability. Thus, companies and organizations are directing their efforts to integrate sustainability not only in its business strategy, but also into their supply chain.

eMpasys is leading this change by providing computerize renewable technology with software intergration that will reduce our carbon foot print. Our solutions will  reduce the uncertainties about our energy future.

Our Sustainability strategy;

This strategy is based on three strategic priorities:

> eMpasys will be an example of Integrity while providing authenticity in a framework for exemplary performance to ensure consistency between the business model and management practices. One of our ongoing practices is to become a company recognized by its members for social responsibility.

> Our Identity is to provide a consistent framework for homogeneous practices with affiliates, agents, members distributors, and our manufacture supply chain worldwide.

> Demonstrate our vision to help develop environmental friendly solutions that will contribute to the prosperity of worldwide communities and progressive companies.

eMpasys specialize in computerized Energy Management Power Access System, As a member supported and member driven organization, our renewable technology consultation, engineering, customize solutions, and services are available to members or affiliates partners.


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