The OnSite AESRPT-HZ is a reliable advanced energy storage power solution, the solution is cheaper than all current renewable energy resources. The Advanced HZ technology generator is composed of an intricate synthesis of  mechanical and chemical processes that are combined and tuned to work in unison to produce clean reliable electrical power. The output of the Advanced HZ Technology generator has been tested and is certified with prominent engineering measurement.

The Advanced HZ technology produces power by converting chemical discharge into a controlled electrical renewable power resource. The generator system will produce electricity on site where the power is needed without emitting harmful emissions. The zero emission generator can be used to supply energy in places where a grid connection is not sufficient or not available.

Our AESHZ is often compared to hydrogen because of the similarities in their chemical structure. Our AESHZ has several advantages over hydrogen; Our HZ  solution is not flammable in liquid form, meaning an explosion within the system is unlikely. Also it does not have to be stored at high pressure levels since it is a liquid instead of a gas.

The energy density is 7.6 MJ/L, compared to 3.6 MJ/L for hydrogen stored at 350 bar, meaning that less volume can be stored for the same amount of energy. Because of the broad applicability and diverse uses, the AESHZ can address critical challenges in all energy sectors: commercial, residential, industrial, and transportation.

Our OnSite AESRPT-HZ generator converts a safe chemical solution directly into electricity without combustion, and is the key to a broad portfolio for building a competitive, secure, safe, practical and sustainable clean energy economy. Nothing in the energy landscape comes even close to the HZ process as a reliable energy resource.

The liquid energy carrier is produced in a sustainable manner with water, carbon dioxide and electricity.  (This is a carbon neutral safe Solution)  Our HZ solution is stored as a liquid solution and since the energy is stored as a liquid, it can be transported to different locations. 

The OnSite AESRPT-HZ offer a broad range of benefits, including reduced greenhouse gas emissions; Small Foot Print,No oil consumption,reduced air pollution, quiet operation, low maintenance and high reliability.

Monitor Features;

The OnSite AESRPT-HZ generator records a wide range of information ranging from solution consumption to the amount of emissions saved by the deployment. This information can be displayed on the generator touchscreen and can also be found online in real time. OnSite AESRPT-HZ liquid solution levels are monitored in real-time and  the digital tank level information can be forwarded to a local supplier hubs so that the generator can be supplied with new liquid solution.

The technology over comes the biggest obstacles for main stream commercial deployment; Manufacturing Cost, End User Price and distribution. The OnSite AESRPT-HZ is a reliable zero emission renewable technology that is ready for  the main stream markets. We are now ready to obtain orders and are seeking partners to handle installation and distribution.

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