NetZero Energy Buildings


Net Zero Energy Revenue Will Reach $1.3 Trillion by 2035

As green building practices become more commonplace in the global construction industry, the goal of designing zero energy buildings, or buildings that consume as much energy as they produce through on-site and renewable energy systems, has emerged as the next major frontier.  A number of countries and regions have already established long-term targets and regulations requiring zero energy building construction that will come into effect over the coming years.  These stringent regulations will accelerate adoption around the world, causing the industry to undergo a significant transformation in the coming years. 

According to a report by Pike Research, worldwide revenue from zero energy buildings will grow rapidly over the next two decades, reaching almost $690 billion by 2020 and nearly $1.3 trillion by 2035.  That represents a compound annual growth rate of 43%, with much of that growth occurring in the European Union. Technically, zero energy building designs are feasible for many building types in many regions.


 Our eco-friendly modular steel frame building, are architecturally designed with renewable power technology and green energy efficiency solutions; such as  solar power systems, energy storage, Biogas waste to energy, Energy reduction lighting, and an electric vehicle charging port. Our market leading construction materials and renewable technology solutions are designed for quick development. 

zero-energy building, also known as a zero net energy (ZNE) building, Net-Zero Energy Building (NZEB), or Net Zero Building, is a popular term to describe a building with zero net energy consumption and zero carbon emissions annually. Zero energy buildings can be independent from the energy grid supply. Energy can be harvested on-site—usually through a combination of energy producing technologies like Energy Storage Power, Hydrogen, Biogas, Solar and Wind—while reducing the overall use of energy with extremely efficient HVAC and Lighting technologies. The zero-energy design principle is becoming more practical to adopt due to the increasing costs of traditional fossil fuels and their negative impact on the planet’s climate and ecological balance.


Our Eco Friendly small modular building solutions can be assembled and dis-assembled. The strong steel frame structure is stable and is based on building structure code. The Durable steel frame parts are all processed with anti-corrosion coating designed to last for 20+ years. The walls and roof are made of color-coated steel sandwich panels, and the material is known for heat insulation and fire proof performance. The modular solution allows for; Fast housing or commercial buildings assembled or dis-assembled at the site. the advantages of using steel for commercial and residential projects are; environmental and energy saving quality, strong seismic resistance, insulated and fire-proof resistance, low bearing capacity, and can be design for any space. We can also provide Netzero Renewable Energy retrofits for existing building.

The structure will last longer with lower maintenance costs, termite proof and energy efficient. We utilize Prefab steel structures to build our eco-friendly renewable properties. Prefab steel is 75-85% recyclable).  Steel is much more durable during earthquakes, floods, fires, and other disasters that would normally destroy a stick build. Insurance companies know this, and your rates will permanently reflect it!


A building approaching zero net energy use may be called a “near-zero energy building” or “ultra-low energy house”. Buildings that produce a surplus of energy during a portion of the year may be known as “energy-plus buildings”. Our customized Eco Friendly modular housing and commercial buildings solutions are  based on your  requirements, such as size, usage and climate conditions.  The electrical wiring can be concealed inside the wall and roof panels. The renewable OnSite energy storage or power solutions can be designed into the Eco structure building layout.


  • Safety and reliable steel
  • Low cost, quick to install
  • No base work requirement
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble, repetitive to use
  • Steel structure treated by anti-corrosive spray handling for long use
  • Strictly sealing, thermal insulation, water, fire and moisture-resistant
  • Dimensions and customized designs are available

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