OnSite Automatic EDP

Automatic Electrical Voltage Protection

This is an high-end all in one Automatic Electrical Voltage Protection
system with high voltage surge suppressing, voltage regulating, and harmonic filtering. It will protect all downstream equipment, thus making other power quality technology such as MOV based devices unnecessary and obsolete. Our system will substantial save you money and increase electrical safety.  

Our automatic voltage solution electromagnetic grounding system reacts to any voltage imbalance and equalizes the voltage between all phases with the speed of the current. This is a commercialize technology that insure optimal phase voltage balance on both grounded and non-grounded distribution systems. Installation is easy and is connected as close as possible to the electrical panel or the transformer secondary side.

The system can balance voltage imbalances close to 100% (fault condition) to nearly zero percent imbalance. The system has a state of the art power quality meter, which will give the operator detailed status of the network quality and trigger events. Operational status and network information can be obtained locally from the HMI panel and from a remote web interface. A cloud solution is also possible so you can access and monitor your system in real time from anywhere in the world.  

OnSite EDP Advantages:

• Energy savings
• Balanced voltage
• Mitigate transient events
• Reduced sequence harmonics
• Reduced energy consumption
• Extended Motor life expectancy
• Increased personnel safety
• Reliable operation and reduced maintenance costs
• Extended lifetime on electrical equipment
• Higher utilization of available capacity
• Compliance with IEEE Power quality standards
• Quick return on investment
• Increased revenue
• Increased plant safety
• Arc Flash mitigation 85%
• Optimal Voltage balance.
• Reduced CO𝟐 emissions
• EMP GHz Range Protection
• Increased operational efficiency
• Reduced dangers of arc flash and ground faults.
• Reduced maintenance and downtime
• Reduces phase voltage imbalance
• Prevents phase angle differential
• Eliminates transients and voltage spikes (lightning strikes)
• Prevents Phase voltage instability
• Reduces voltage harmonics (Phase – Ground)
• Reduce waveform distortion
• Eliminates noisy ground reference and frequency instability
• Prevents arcing ground faults

System Internal Components

Standard OnSite EDP System Specs:

Customized Higher Voltage System

OnSite EDP Project Form: