Developing Areas Electrification

Renewable technology OnSite Electrification is the future of electricity infrastructure and will prevent developing areas from going through infrastructure issues. This is what modern areas, location and countries are going through today: Renewable Technology OnSite Electrification will create jobs and generate revenue streams without the use of fossil fuel power plants and transmission lines. A Onsite point to point renewable technology solution will allow developing areas to implement a fast Electrification infrastructure process..

Sustainable energy is so important for developing countries for the following reasons:

First> Some of them have benefited from the increase in oil prices in recent years, but most have not, and have suffered as a result. A significant proportion of the revenues of developing countries, and of the development aid received, have been outweighed by the oil price increase.

There are 1.6 billion people in the developing world that do not have access to electricity; As well as 2.4 billion people that use traditional biomass, such as wood or agricultural residues for  cooking, heating, and other needs, often in an unsustainable manner, which runs counter to their own interests in terms of economic development and health.

Better access to sustainable energy services is necessary at macro level to foster economic growth, and at micro-level to stimulate businesses and income-generating activities. Small businesses, public buildings and homes need adequate energy for lighting, communication, water supply, heating and cooling. Streetlights, for example in Africa, are essential for safety at night.

Second> Energy is important from an environmental viewpoint. Energy emissions represent 80 percent of total GHG emissions, contributing to global warming and making the trend towards natural disasters in many parts of the world worse. With increasing energy shortages and environmental concerns in mind, Alternative and renewable energy is more and more critical for a sustainable energy future. Alternative and Renewable energy can bring significant benefits to developing countries

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