Modular Charging Infrastructure

All in one modular designed EVSE Recharging Infrastructure 

This is a all in one commercial EVSE Infrastructure solution with a switch-gear and it reduces installation time and permitting process. The system includes; metering, protection, communication, monitoring and other module functions. It can provide AC and DC power supply for EVSE charging requirements as needed. 

Modular Design

Standardized, pre-installed container design, small floor space, easy to transport and install, saving

civil engineering cost and construction time.

Power Sharing

Centrally control all the power modules in the charging station and deliver power to each charging terminal as demanded.

Smart Control

High power density, high efficiency, high power factor, low harmonics, no impact on the power grid Safety & Efficiency High power fast charging for quick power supplement.

Flexible Charging

Automatically allocate the charging power based on the charging requirements sent from the vehicle BMS. We can design with any OEM electric vehicle charging systems.

ReCharging Back Office Platform & Monitoring


Centralized intelligent management, better redundancy, higher safety and reliability>Modular and integrated design of power transformer and distribution, easy to expand, flexible in configuration and complete in function.>Adopting active power filter and reactive compensation technology, power factor up to 0.998 and THD less than 5%.>Multi-language intelligent HMI, easy to operate High-protection outdoor design, efficient heat dissipation, resistant to water and dust, long-term and stable operation in harsh environments such as high-temperature, high-frigid, rainy and snowy conditions, etc. > Cloud based management platform available if required, support OCPP, and enable app smart monitoring, real-time data collection and unattended operation.

Off / On Grid EV Recharging Station

The AESRPT EV fast charging station solution is aimed at implementing fast EV charging infrastructure anywhere,  and reducing the high cost installation process. Most people and companies don’t know EV charging stations that are connected to a local electric utility grid still emits Co2 when it is charging. The AESRPT EV fast charging station is a zero emission off grid commercial solution, there’s no Co2 emission, No user registration, No network affiliation needed, Installed anywhere, with great profit margins. The independent power producer for EVs can charge by Kwhs, Minutes, or Monthly Unlimited prepay with no restrictions. The AESRPT EV fast charging station can be  integrated with CHAdeMO, CCS, GB/T or Tesla HPWC.

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