Global HR Payroll platform

The platform helps companies simplify every aspect of managing an international workforce, from hiring and culture on-boarding, to local payroll and compliance. The platform works for independent contractors and full-time employees in more than 150 countries compliantly. (The all-in-one HR platform for global teams). Get setup with a few clicks in minutes.

  • Reliable. Secure. Compliant:
    When you hire employees, our partner will take on all employment liability to make sure you’re compliant with local laws.
  • GDPR compliance:
    We’re compliant with GDPR and privacy laws around the world, so you can rest assured that you’re doing things the right way.
  • Always-on 24/7 Support:
    Morning, noon, or night our support team’s logged on. Have a question? We’ll be there to answer it.
  • Your IPs Safe with Us:
    Keep complete control and retention of your team’s intellectual property and invention rights.

The platform is currently serving over 15,000 global customers from SMBs to publicly traded companies.

  • Hire full-time employees in minutes without having to set up a legal entity in a new country
  • Hire contractors in 150 countries without worrying about payroll or compliance
  1. Hire Employees
  2. Hire Contractors
  3. Run Global Payroll
  4. Integrations Capabilities
  5. Open API Solutions
  6. Global Compliance with International Payments

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Manage your whole workforce from direct employees to international workers and everything in between.

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