The AESRPT-NV is an advanced energy storage power system that can be designed to provides 100% on demand power and will generate electricity without external input (e.g. Solar power, wind power, or any gas) it will produce economical sustainable clean energy. The scalable renewable technology solutions can be design for various power consumption requirements.

The unit above is a 6KW onsite power system dimensions are 32x 16x 24 inches. The technology is back by over 75 Professors and world renowned scientist.

(Zero Emission, Operates Silently, No Moving Parts).

The science behind the power technology utilizes a vast array of environmental energies, electromagnetic waves, and temperature differences that generates micro-vibrations, leading to a flow of electrons, or direct current. This energy is then stored in super-capacitors and power cells which are controlled by an artificial intelligence-optimized unit.

This is a scalable renewable technology electrical power resource that can be utilized as power back up or primary power. This solution can provide reliable power 24 Hrs a day, 7 Days a week regardless of the weather condition.

A customized technology design can supplement the growing demand for electrical power and conforms to renewable energy standards for power generation.

The technology will help reduce the burden on any centralized grid power resource. It will help mobilize decentralized EV charging infrastructure and it will provide optional off grid power resource for all.

As energy demand continues to increase our world’s centralized electrical power grids are experiencing tremendous and unsustainable strain. This strain leaves us vulnerable to electricity shortages, rolling blackouts and electricity quality issues. Making matters worse, a large number of the centralized power grids are inefficient and “dirty” – squandering precious natural resources.

Renewable tech energy storage comes in a variety of forms, including mechanical (e.g., pumped hydro), thermal (e.g., ice/water), and Electro Chemical (e.g., power cells, batteries and with the advancements in energy storage like Graphene, quantum computing, nanotechnology and  advanced materials have overcome barriers preventing wide-scale deployments.

We are actively seeking potential Micro-Manufacturing partners, Distribution partners, and any company for technology integration or project development.

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