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The introduction of electric drive vehicles requires a unique infrastructure that includes specialized charging equipment and adequate electric service. Electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure is a carefully planned network that safely allows electricity to flow from a designated power source to an electric vehicle. The installation of electric vehicle infrastructure is an essential component for the sustainability of the electric vehicle market.

Course Overview:

This course will provide the necessary information that consumers, installers, code officials, and utilities need to better handle the task of installing the appropriate equipment for residential, public, and fleet customers using electric drive vehicles.

What will participants learn?

Safety codes governing EV charging equipment, electrical requirements, and equipment options. Electrical and building code requirements that apply to installers and users of electrical vehicle supply equipment.
Special installation needs for the different classes of EV users, homeowners (including multi-family residences), fleet facilities, and public access and commercial charging facilities.

Available training:

Electric Drive Vehicle Infrastructure Training (course)
A Basic Understanding of Battery-Electric and Hybrid-Electric Vehicles (course)
Introduction to Battery-Powered Electric Vehicles (workshop)
Introduction to Hybrid Electric Vehicles (workshop)