Solar Electricity InfoLesson

eMpasys, is a alternative energy engineering consultation company that was establish in 1998, As a member supported and member driven organization, our renewable technology consultation, engineering, customize solutions, and services are available to members or affiliates partners.We provide manufacture direct Renewable energy technology solutions, Renewable Power Management Solutions, Customized Power Solutions, OnSite Power Systems Solutions, Advanced energy storage solutions, Battery Electric Vehicles Solutions, Battery Electric Vehicles Charging Stations OnSite Pure Drinking Water Solutions, OnSite Waste Reduction Solutions, Waste to Energy Solutions, and Alternative Lighting solutions.

As a humanitarian partner we provide nonprofit organization with a free Energy efficiency and solar electricity Pdf infoLesson.  The off line PDF infoLessons includes questions and answers. This is a great training resource that will provide basic understanding of energy efficiency and solar electricity installation. The infoLessons is very informative and can be used for groups or individuals as they prepare to inter into the renewable energy industry.

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