The OnSite DDP can operate as a decentralize renewable power source for BEV fleet Recharging infrastructure saving companies and or investors $8 billion dollars or more per year. A OnSite power system is imperative for any commercial fleet that utilize electric vehicles. The requirement is 1MW of renewable power for a zero emission commercial EV Recharging infrastructure.

The OnSite DDP solution can be designed as a scalable self Powered Sub-station, Primary Power System, or a power backup system into the Terawatts. The system will allow Investors,  Distributors, Independent Power Producers, Utility Companies and Property Owners to generate a higher revenue margins.

The Onsite DDP system not only insures maximum security during times of power outages, but also can prevent national grid failure as a back up  power resource.  The OnSite Electricity Point-To-Point system approach is one that takes into account functional requirements such as system and customer requirements. The System requirements include elements of rated voltage, rated frequency, system configuration present and future, connected loads lines, power generation, voltage tolerances (over and under), thermal limits, short-circuit levels, frequency tolerance (over and under), stability limits, critical fault clearing time, system expansion, and interconnection.

OnSite DDP System Micro-Grid Configurations:

  • Micro-Grid Distribution Station.

This electricity power distribution network system provides the distribution configuration that will directly supply electricity to customers. The OnSite Decentralize Distributed Power Micro-Grid Network is typically located close to the load centers, meaning that they are usually located in or near Business Campus, Distribution Hubs and or neighborhoods that they supply power to.

  • OnSite Micro-Grid Power System.

This is an OnSite Decentralize Distributed Power system that generated power at the location where the power is needed. The system can  function as the primary main source for electricity power. The technical requirements and system design are based on the site power consumption and location.

The Point To Point  OnSite DDP Micro-Grid will help utility operators to transform their electrical distribution networks; lower operation cost and eliminates blackouts. This is a scalable renewable technology power production solution that can be utilized Off grid and On grid.    

System Advantages:

  • AESRPTHZ is an independent renewable technology power generation system that produce and provides  electrical power. commercially proven renewable technology design that supplies clean power.
  • There is no  carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.
  • AESRPT-HZ will provide power as a Off Grid or On Grid solution and there is no location restrictions. It  can be customized as a portable mobile DER micro grid.
  • AESRPT-HZ can be utilized as a power back resource solving power blackouts and energy shortage. It will reduce electrical power infrastructure cost.
  • AESRPT-HZ use significantly less space than solar and wind power generation systems. The system price is lower than any other renewable energy resource and it is suitable for any terrain.
  • AESRPT-HZ power generation efficiency is higher than solar and wind power generation system. It can generate power 24/7 without any geographical restriction or wind dependency factors.
  • AESRPT-HZ can be designed to provide electrical power to new or old infrastructure as a renewable energy source.

Decentralize Distributed Power;

Renewable technology solutions and new regulations has changed the thinking toward moving electrical power resources closer to the end user. Electrical power production that is close to the end user is commonly referred to as distributed generation power. Today it is economical to generate some or all of the electricity on or near the load sites. In some ways, we have come full circle back to when electricity was first available.

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