The  extremely fast recharging power  cell (EFRPC), can be designed for high power recharging applications; like electric vehicle powertrain, Advanced Energy Storage, and other battery module applications. The all-weather power cell heats itself up from zero degrees Celsius without requiring external heating devices or electrolyte additives and there is no degradation of the power cells. The internal warm-up of the cells from zero degrees Celsius takes 20 seconds at minus 20 degrees Celsius.  Our power cells are the best solution for Electric vehicles and various other applications needing fast energy storage recovery in various weather conditions.

Our power cell design Recharges a cell at an elevated temperature of 60C to eliminate Li plating and limits the exposure to prevent serious materials degradation. Using industrially available battery materials, we show that a high-energy (209 Wh/ kg) Li-ion cell with our design method retains 91.7% capacity after 2,500 extreme fast recharging cycles.

Our R&D manufacture tested the power cells by recharging an electric vehicle in 10 minutes.  The extreme fast recharging of our power cells will allow EVs to travel 200 to 300 mile, that’s about a half a million miles of travel. A critical barrier to extreme fast recharging is Li plating, which usually occurs at high charge rates and drastically deteriorates battery life and safety. (We have the solution)

The technology is ready, the market is ready, are you ready?


  • Power cell Recharge and Discharge temperatures enable durable extreme fast charging
  • High-temperature charging eliminates Li plating by enhanced transport and kinetics
  • Limited exposure time to high temperature avoids severe SEI growth
  • Elevated charging temperature and reduces battery cooling needs by > 12x
  • High Safety features

Client base is growing fast with a global footprint;

  • Leading automakers from US, Europe and Japan
  • 4 world largest Li-ion battery suppliers
  • Leading universities in North America and Europe
  • Clients spread over 10 countries and 3 continents

We are seeking partners as licensee to manufacture the extreme fast recharging power  cell (EFRPC) Viable  Potential Licensees can visit our manufacture site (The Power Cell Can Be Customized)

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