OnSite Pure Drinking Water – Equal To 53 (16.9 Fluid Ounces of Bottle Water)

30L/24Hr – 7.9 Gallons of Drinking Water From Air Per Day
Air To Water Maker

Cold And Hot Water Function – ** Patented Technology With 9 Stage Filter

Air To Water Maker Front Back

How doe’s it work:

Air pass through condenser to condense to water, stored in the bottom water tank before pass through 6 levels of filters to bump to the upper water tank, pure healthy drinking water is provided by the machine.

2. Alarming function patent: when filters being used for a period of time and less able to remove impurities and harmful substances, the system will alarm the user to change the filters to ensure the water quality.

3.Water Recirculation function patent: the internal independent water Recirculation system Always ensure that fresh water quality.

Air To Water Maker flow

*** Function description

• Bring pure water from the air, natural and safe
• The drinking water reach international standards.
• Convenient and comfortable to use, one button for hot water and the other for cool water.
• Lower power consumption, daily cost less than US¢10.
• Maximum water productivity 45L/24Hr., equal to 84 bottle of bottled water.
• 6 stages of filter system to be insure the water quality.
• Use less of plastic, environmentally friendly, saving energy.
• LED screen display, the fashionable touch screen easy to control.
• Provide more water for using by connecting to external water source or tap water.
• Alternative water choices. Cold water temperature 5~10°C, hot water 100°C by instant water heater system.

1. air to water machine drinking machine
2. Bring pure water from the air, natural and safe
3. LED screen display
4. Fashionable

Water shortage has become a worldwide problem, with the development of city, many of the world’s largest city groundwater has are drying up, water shortage is a serious negative impact on industrial and agricultural production.
*** Technical Specifications

Compressor: 0.6Hp
Power: 220V±10%, 50Hz;
Wattage: 580W
Climate Type: ST
Refrigerant: R22/R410A
N.W/G.W: 65Kg/68Kg
Product Size: 510×520×1150 mm
Carton Size: 555×590×1235 mm
Temperature Range: 10°C~43°C
Humidity Range: 25%~95%
Water Making Capacity: 32L, Maximum 46L

Note: Water production capability varies according to the temperature and humidity.

Order Requirements:

60% Deposit, Balance Due after delivery

30 Days Return Policy – Manufacture Restocking Cost 35%

Global Humidity – Check Your Humidity Level   40% and Up To Produce Water

Request additional information;

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