OnSite Waste To Energy

The OnSite waste to energy solutions converts trash in the form of paper, wood, plastic, agricultural waste, and food into electricity and heat.  The roll-off dumpster-sized system uses a patent pending process to provide a highly-efficient and environmentally-friendly means to derive energy value from refuse.

(WTE) Custom Solutions

Yields a Payback Period In As Few As 3 Years

  Features & Benefits 


Processes up to 3 tons of trash (paper, wood, plastic, food, agricultural waste) daily


(1) Generates 40 kWe (120 gross) of electricity and 187 kWth (240 gross) of heat


Integrates into your waste management program and no additional personnel are required


Reduces the environmental & economic burdens associated with traditional waste removal methods. 95% reduction of waste (5% innocuous ash)


Large reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by replacing landfill usage


Highly efficient with low parasitic energy loss


Readily scales to higher throughput requirements


Minimum 15-year life


Energy-Yielding Feedstock

Agricultural waste, biomass, cardboard, food, manure, paper, plastic, wood


Up to 3 tons daily

Electricity Output

(1) 40 kWe (120 gross)

Recoverable Heat

(1) 187 kWth (240 gross)

Innocuous Ash

5% by weight

Parasitic Energy Loss

10% of energy produced

Annual Maintenance Downtime

208 hours yearly, 4 hours weekly

HC Emissions

(2) 273 to 420 (g/hp-hr)

CO Emissions

(2) 63,100-21,000 (g/hp-hr)

NoX Emissions

(2) 399-1,092 (g/hp-hr)

The Onsite system uses a patent process to provide a highly-efficient and environmentally-friendly means to derive energy value from refuse. Our Proprietary solution provides a systematic conversion of paper, wood, plastic, food, and biomass into electricity and heat while reducing energy and landfills needs. The Waste To Energy system utilizes gasification (not incineration) technology to convert waste into distributed clean energy. In the past, waste-to-energy conversion took place in large plants that were not environmentally friendly. Since they were mainly about reducing waste they did not create enough energy. The system readily integrates into waste processing streams for institutions, businesses, and Waste Management Facilities. The system provides a highly efficient and regulatory-friendly means to derive more value from refuse. We can provide a customized Waste-To-Energy turnkey solution on time and on budget, with our leasing and financial programs.

Our Waste To Energy system is the next generation of waste-to-energy and provides an enormous upgrade over this former structure. First, our system is not just a waste-to-energy plant – it is an on-site system that eliminates the need to transport trash with trucks that emit harmful gases. Second, our system uses a clean and environmentally friendly conversion process that lowers greenhouse gases and produces clean energy. Third, our system offers businesses a model that creates significant cost-saving.

How is the system different from Wind and Solar energy alternatives?

Our Waste To Energy system creates clean energy and further benefits the environment by substantially reducing greenhouse gas emissions that occur through transporting and dumping waste, including reducing the use of trucks and lowering the amount of garbage that is emitting greenhouse gases as it decays in landfills. Additionally, the financials are better with our Waste To Energy system because it reduces energy costs and waste disposal costs.

Waste To Energy Service Operation:

* We have an opportunity for qualifying companies to start up their own sales, installation, and service operation.

Companies can add our Onsite Waste To Energy solution to their Alternative Energy product line and ramp up their own sales, installation, and service operation. Investors that can see the opportunity – Sell back Electricity and Heat that the system generates. Plus Charge Onsite Waste Disposal Fee To Clients.

Start Your Waste To Energy Solution Today:


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