OnSite CO2 Reduction System

The Onsite CO2 reduction system is a scalable modular solution that works outside in an atmospheric setting. The Onsite CO2 reduction system can be designed with a single extractor or multiple extractors. The system can be used anywhere because it is not restricted to an energy production plant or a certain area of land. Therefore it could offset power plants or scaled down to be installed on commercial properties or manufacture sites. The commercially proven technology will help reduce carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The technology solution can scale to extract one million tons of CO₂ per year.

The purified carbon dioxide offtake released from the OnSite CO2 system can be used in a wide range of manufacturing applications from synthetic clean transportation fuels to the creation of plastics, cement, carbon fiber and in greenhouses to improve indoor agricultural yields.

The technology efficiently adsorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and the carbon dioxide is stripped. The output is 98 percent pure carbon dioxide at standard temperature and pressure. Nothing but steam and electricity is consumed, and no other effluents or emissions are created. The entire process is mild, safe, and carbon negative. The planet earth have been naturally take carbon dioxide from the air at a slow pace, transforming it into biomass for millions of years. The OnSite CO2 reduction system complete this process in minutes.

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