The Onsite scalable waste to energy system can produce electricity and or heat as a combined heat and power solution. The system can be designed as mobile or stationary solution that can be conveniently transport and easy assembled. Installation takes place on the surface of the ground, on top of a building or inside one. There is no need for earthwork, heavy construction or engineering facility. The OnSight CHP  system can be completely in operation in days, depending on your system layout and design. The system will also help reduce garbage in your country and reduce landfill usage.

Power Conversing Generator

The systems treat and convert organic waste to produce biogas for generating electricity and or heat. It is a renewable technology solution to treat and renew organic wastes and animal manure etc. The Biogas is produced inside a complete all in one enclosed system above ground. The system will reduce garbage waste at the location where it is produce and can generate power.

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