The OnSite AESRPT can be used for commercial or residential  projects that require higher energy demand with grid connection and or alternative renewable power sources. The system can work with Solar PV as the primary power source to charge the internal power cells.  The energy storage can then be utilized to reduce peak power demands. The system can also work directly with the utility grid to charge and store energy at off peak price and use at peak time. The system will also function as a power back up solution.

The OnSite AESRPT is an advanced energy storage solution that stores electricity power generated by direct grid connection and or renewable alternative sources. The OnSite AESRPT system will also manage the energy storage process while integrating with the grid or as a Island solution.  When considering whether storage might be an appropriate addition to an electricity system, the first question to ask is: what is the energy problem that I am trying to solve?

Product Description

The OnSite AESRPTs can function independent of the Grid with power cells and other renewable sources. Our systems are designed with an internal charging technology for the energy storage modules. The system can be programed to automatically switch to utilize energy storage when there is no other power source. The system can also be programed to switch automatically and utilize on grid power while charging the energy storage unit.

How Does It WORK

Technology Advantage:

  • Self-patented, unique topology
  • Manufactured with the highest system compatibility.
  • Multi applications and multiple operating modes
  • Built-in high quality power cell li-ion battery with BMS
  • 200 experienced engineers guarantee the high quality





The average annual electricity consumption for a U.S. residential utility customer is around 10,812kWh, an average of   901 kWh per Month – 30.2 kWh per day.  (Must USA residential use between 3Kwh – 20Kwh per day)

  • If you use 3Kwh per day our system will provide power for 10 days, per on or off grid charging.

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