Power Outage Light Bulb

The intelligent Power Outage LED Light Bulbs has wide global compatibility and are great for Homes,Offices, Retail Stores, shopping malls, meeting rooms, restaurants, exhibition halls and various other properties. The advanced  Ce,RoHS,UL certification technology is designed to provide emergency lighting and replace high energy consumption light bulbs.

The key advantages of  the intelligent Power Outage LED energy storage bulbs are;  Ongoing R&D with Advanced technology, customized solutions, high quality internal power supply, high luminous  efficiency, longer life span, improved physical robustness, faster switching, Instant reduction in electric bills from 60% – 80%, and No mercury. Our energy reduction light bulbs are made from non-toxic materials, unlike other light bulbs on the market.

The intelligent Power Outage LED Light Bulbs can create the same amount of brightness with a fraction of the energy that older light bulbs use.   The internal rechargeable energy storage power cells allows for 4-6 Hrs of operation when there is no AC power. The lifespan for our Power Outage LED Light bulbs are (50,000 Hrs =5+Yrs)  with  DC power back-up.

  • Works as regular light bulb in AC100V-265V
  • Provide higher lumens 900lm-1000lm than normal light bulbs
  • Works as power outage emergency light, automatically come on
  • Works as a torch, portable, wireless, can be used everywhere.
  • Works as hook lamp, can be hanged on trees, tent, bags, etc.
  • Power Emergency Hours: 4-6 hours , can be longer up to 10 hours.
  • Easy Installation: Just screw our bulb to any bulb fixture or cap.

The intelligent Power Outage LED Light Bulbs – Brightness is 900 – 1000 Lum

Wattage Measures Energy Used, Not Brightness:

LED Bulb Replacement Chart Same Brightness
LED 5w Replaces   25w-35w bulb 250 Lum
LED 9w Replaces   40w-50w bulb  450 Lum
LED 13w Replaces 60w-70w bulb  800 Lum
LED 18w Replaces 75w-85w bulb 1110 Lum
LED 25w Replaces 100w-110w bulb 1600 Lum
LED 30w Replaces 120w-130w bulb 2000 Lum
LED 40w Replaces 140w-150w bulb 2600 Lum

Wattage does not measure how bright a light bulb is, it measures how much energy the bulb uses. The older incandescent bulbs waste 90 percent of the energy they require by giving off heat, they require more watts than LED bulbs to create the same amount of brightness. Traditionally, incandescent bulbs were rated between 40 and 100 watts. Now, LED bulbs can create the same amount of brightness with a fraction of the energy.

Standard Wattage Price $15.59.00 USD (5w to 18w)

  • Lifespan 5 Years>50000hrs – Based on 8 Hrs Daily operation
  • High Brightness;Energy saving; Environmentally Safe;
  • Rechargeable Backup power 4-6 hours
  • Warranty 5 years.
  • Delivery Time 10 – 20 Days
  • 15 Days Money Back Guarantee – Minus 30% Restocking.

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