Global PayQ

This is a payer to payee solution for any company with international or USA Contractors, Engineers, Gig workers, Testers, Consultants, Direct Sales Reps, Employees. Members, Partners and Consumers for renewable energy rebates.

The instant international payment platform solution supports virtual Master cards and branded debit plastic Master cards. The payment platform can also support API integration and  optional Crypto payment with international conversing.

PayQ is a secure instant payout platform that delivers payment to a payee-owned insured bank account with a linked debit card, similar to a standard checking account. As soon as the payment is made, the funds are available in the insured account and available to spend instantly.

Global payouts-as-a-service platform that meets the needs of gig workers and small to medium-sized businesses across a diverse set of industries.


•Customized Branded debit cards: Spend anywhere in the world with a company branded plastic card.

•Instant virtual cards: Instant online access to funds with virtual cards upon account registration. Cards can be used immediately online or loaded to their smartphone wallet for use at retail.

•ATM cash: Cash can be conveniently accessed from an ATM

•Bank transfers: Funds can be transferred to a personal bank from their account portal

•Mobile wallets: Load  virtual and plastic cards to Apple Pay, Google Pay,and Samsung Pay for on-the-go access
with their PayQ account, reducing charge-backs and merchant processing fees.

Over 15 years in operation, 216+Countries, 40+Currencies, Over 300 clients and millions of payees across multiple industries.

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