EV Telematics

Can photo1Our cloud based EV CAN data real-time monitoring system is a Visual M2M solution. We provide an EV cloud based  software Monitoring system with on board EV PC hardware (CAN transceiver & in-vehicle PC) to auto manufacturers. The solution will also be available to Machine to Machine service companies.

User can easily create his/her own monitoring dashboard – HTML web browser.

Can photo2The Machine to Machine CAN data real-time monitoring cloud system is composed of in-vehicle PC, terminal software installed on the in-vehicle PC, server software in the cloud, data storage in cloud, and user interface engine running on user’s client PC (HTML5 web browser).  In-vehicle PC and customized Android application. We have another model based on ARM processor in smaller dimensions than those of the above model. The ARM-based in-vehicle PC may have a special feature of 4-sec fast boot for both Linux and CAN data application (4-sec fast boot from ignition-on.)

EV CAN Trans

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