Logistic Software

We provide a EV transportation cloud based software solution to manage your inbound or outbound Vehicles, Inventory and Materials Handling. A cloud based solution is more efficient and allows for a higher level of productivity.

Your job is to manage the flow of resources between point A, origin, and point B, consumption, thus making it imperative to have access to all of your data and information at all times and places. Our virtual desktop delivers your business software wherever you go and on all your devices.

Completely Mobile – On demand access and real time analytics update employees so they know exactly what is going on no matter where the activity is taking place. The cloud enables workers in the field to stay up-to-date with those in the office.

Any Device – Our application delivery capabilities make your applications accessible on any device and multi-tenant – Smartphones, Tablets, Apple, Android or Blackberry devices.

Manageable – With our IT Management Console, you can monitor user activity, manage security settings, provision user access rights, reallocate computing resources, add/remove users and applications, and more… One simple console for every facet of IT management.


A lack of security is the biggest concern that most companies have when presented with a cloud solution. GOEVX cloud based solution will assure  your data always remains secure. So you can feel at ease knowing that your business is in good hands. Physically Secure – Your entire computing environment resides in a top-tier, heavily guarded data center. Hacker Proof – Our cloud desktop provides the highest levels of password protection and Data Encryption.

Easily Monitored – Our cloud control console allows you to closely monitor and manage all computing activity.


With so many wheels turning, data loss and downtime is not acceptable in the Logistics industry. We realize the effect that system failure has on businesses of all shapes and sizes. Thus we have designed a reliable system.

Disaster Recovery:

In the wake of an unexpected catastrophe, your entire computing environment, from your cloud desktop and applications to your security preferences, will be shifted to a new, secure location.

Business Continuity:

Our data centers yield an impressive 99.999% uptime rate so your organization will never miss a beat. Backup – Benefit from a minimum of one backup per day.

Always Accessible – Your very own private, enterprise-level cloud is never far away. No matter the location, the time, or what Internet enables device you’re on – access all of your data and applications via your cloud desktop.


The Logistics industry is fast paced and always moving. We understand that your workload is not slowing down, so neither should you or your data systems. We embrace innovation and continually focuses on helping companies move their businesses to the cloud to save money, increase productivity and yield greater returns.

Integrate any application into your computing environment, on demand. With our IT Management Console, it only takes seconds for administrators to add any application to any cloud desktop.

With our IT Management Console, you can easily shape your entire computing environment, from the resources fueling your employee desktops to your entire portfolio of business applications. It all resides in the cloud, and you only pay for the resources you need.

Eliminate the cost of hardware and IT support when you move to the cloud. Your days of buying and maintaining expensive hardware are over. We take care of software updates, patches and version control so you’re always up-to-date.

As your business grows, so will your computing environment. With our IT Management Console; add users, add applications, set permissions and deploy instantly.