Universal Mainstream Recharging

 Fast EV Recharging Anywhere  evfastchargeUniversal Electric Vehicles Recharging & Fleet Solutions
Highway,Urban And Rural Areas ReCharging In  Minutes

We provide DCFC  EV infrastructure  for commercial BEVs / PEVs recharging anywhere. Our  DC fast EV Recharging solution can be  designed as a universal   EV charging solution for all electric vehicles. The EV Recharging station or site  must be designed to support clients existing EV transportation Recharging requirements and future ultra-fast recharging capabilities. The criteria for designing a DC  fast Recharging station or site with universal ports were developed to meet the needs of commercial BEV and PEV drivers seeking convenient fast recharging. 

The EVT charging stations can be designed with an intelligent back office for operation and management. The back office can record all the charging information automatically; duration, power, current, voltage…etc. Outside the charging station, the user can obtain real-time charging information. The EVT solutions can be design on or off the grid with a Gas station infrastructure feel. www.zevusa.net

 Optional AESRPT EV Fast ReCharger Solution

The AESRPT EV fast recharging station solution is aimed at implementing quick EV recharging infrastructure anywhere,  and reduce the cost of installation. Most people and companies don’t know EV recharging stations that are connected to a local electric utility grid still emits Co2 when it is charging. The AESRPT EV fast recharging solution is a zero emission off grid commercial solution, there’s no Co2 emission, No user registration, No network affiliation needed, and can be Installed anywhere. The  AESRPT EV system independent power producer can charge by Kwhs, Minutes, or Monthly prepay with no restrictions. The AESRPT EV fast Recharging solution can be  integrated with CHAdeMO, CCS, GB/T or Tesla HPWC.

Complete EV Transportation Infrastructure Solution (From EVs to Recharging)

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