eMpasys Knowledge Training

Recognition Of Completion Crystal Award

This is a great training resource that will provide basic understanding of energy efficiency and solar electricity installation. The Energy efficiency and solar electricity Knowledge Based training is very informative and can be used for groups or individuals as they prepare to inter into the renewable energy industry. The off line PDF includes questions and answers.

eMpasys Knowledge Training > On or Off Line knowledge based training is administrated by Organization or Agents;

As a humanitarian partner we provide nonprofit organization with a free Energy efficiency and solar electricity knowledge based training program.  The off  or online PDF knowledge based training program includes questions and answers.

  • Energy efficiency and solar electricity Knowledge Based training Outline:

Knowledge Based Training 1

Introduction >Energy Use in the Home • End Uses of Energy in the Home • Energy Efficiency First • Using Solar Energy in the Home o Building Characteristics o Solar Energy System Types o Passive Solar Energy Systems o Solar Water-Heating Systems o Solar Electric Systems • Codes, Permits, and Covenants

Knowledge Based Training 2

Solar Hot Water Basics • Overview • Solar Water-heating System Types o Active Systems o Passive Systems • Solar Water-heating System Components o Solar Collector o Heat Exchangers o Heat Transfer Fluids o Circulating Pumps o Sensors and Controls o Storage Tank o Check Valve o Expansion Tank o Pressure Relief Valve o Pressure and Temperature Gauges •

Knowledge Based Training 3

Solar Water Heating Systems ~ Siting and Sizing • Introduction • Energy Calculations and Units • Siting a Solar Water-heating System o Collector orientation o Collector tilt o Shading • Sizing a Solar Water-heating System o Collector area o Storage volume •

Knowledge Based Training 4

Installing Solar Water-Heating Systems • Introduction • Installation Steps o Mount the solar collectors on the roof o Install the solar storage tank and heat exchanger next to conventional water heater o Install the piping and pump for the glycol loop o Install the water piping o Install the controls o Fill the system o Insulate water and glycol lines •

Knowledge Based Training 5

(Photovoltaics (PV)) Solar Electricity Basic Systems • Overview • Types of PV systems • PV System Components • Grid-Connected PV System Components • System Components o Solar Cells o Arrays o Mounting Structures o Combiner Box o Inverters •

Knowledge Based Training 6

PV System Selection and Sizing and PV System Installation

Knowledge Based Training  8

PV System Maintenance • Maintenance Steps 1. At the inverter 2. On the Roof 3. At the Combiner Box(es) 4. Inside 5. Back at the Inverter • System Troubleshooting 1. Load Problem 2. Inverter Problem 3. Array Problem

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