Grid AES Solution

AESMicroGridThe AES MicroGrid contributes to the balance benefits of various renewable energy sources. Controlling and storing electric power from various resources is the missing link to realizing power grid interactive management. It will be impossible to realize smart power grids without energy storage.

The AES system is configured with power cell battery pack, power cell Battery Management System (BMS) and Power Conversion System (PCS) , and custom design for monitoring system, transformer, grid-connected switch cabinet and bidirectional active power & reactive power charging Watt-hour Meter, and the power range from 25KW to MW.

Functions of battery storage system:

Peak-shaving, increase efficiency of existing power station and power grid;

Ensure safe operation of power grid;

Improve quality of electric energy, flatten efficiency curve;

Reduce line loss, lengthen line life;

Outdoor temporary power supply;

Delay the demand of power grid updating;

Change the pattern of energy consumption.

Functions of storage power station

1. Peak-shaving function

In one sense, store electric energy when it is surplus and output stored electric energy after inverting when it is insufficient. This is the basic function of storage system – peak-shaving function.

2. Independent inverting function in emergency

When the power grid loses electric energy, storage system will be used as independent inverter power supply and provide AC electric power for important load constantly to ensure user’s requirement.

3. Flexibly accepting debug command from power grid

Storage system will exchange information with Remote Terminal Units (RTU) of power grid and Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA)flexibly and conveniently, it will accept dispatch from automatic dispatch monitoring system of electric grid, to realize telesignalling, telemeter, remote control and remote transfer. The whole process will abide by MODBUS RTU.

The communication can be wireless or wired.

4. Dynamic, static power grid support and reactive power compensation

Storage system will achieve kinds of functions according to power grid dispatch command, which includes items as follows:

Provide needed active power for power grid;

Provide needed reactive power for power Offgrid;

Realize low voltage cross, and enhance the stability of power grid.

MWH-scale Energy Storage System Parameters

Model Nominal Energy Nominal Voltage (V) Capacity (Ah) Charge cut-off voltage

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